I Dream of Travel

 I'm a travel lover, even if it's just going home with Taylor to Austin or Arkansas. Taylor and I also love traveling to new places and exploring different cities. Yeah, yeah, yeah, my first plane ride wasn't until I was a senior in college. So what? I did it. I love it, and I wanna keep doing it. We would love to get in as much traveling as we can before we settle down and start adding to the fam. I think our love of travel comes from our parents. Both of our families love taking trips and planning excursions.
Since Taylor and I have been married we have talked about many places we want to visit. We love flipping through travel books and magazines planning our next move. One of our favorite books is "1000 Places to See Before You Die". This book is legit. I won't list all 1,000 places, but I will absolutely tell you my top 5 off-the- wall-must-sees.

 5.Islamic Cairo, Egypt 
Tour cities that are more than 6 centuries old!
can you imagine having to build that thing?

 4. Scotland by Train
  Travel the Scottish Highlands in STYLE on the Royal Scotsman
Only $6,800 per person.....

 3. Machu Picchu-Urubama Valley, Peru
See the "Lost City" of the Incas 

2.The Amalfi Coast-Campania, Italy 
 "nothing more beautiful can be seen on this earth"

how sweet would it be to own one of those houses, or even one of the boats?!
 1.Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand 
Glaciers , Mountains and Beaches!

Taylor says, "I just wanna go out in there"

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