Happy Birthday to, no lie, the best Mom in the WORLD!
You see, my Mom Jan is not your typical mom; she is super Mom. As I was growing up, I never really knew how much she did for us. I guess I just assumed dinner magically appeared on the table, jerseys miraculously landed folded in our gym bags, and lunches would make themselves, and then hop into a brown paper bag with encouraging notes and/or drawings on the outside. Yep, my Mom not only made our lunches, she drew on them.
 Now, even though I am "grown-up", my Mom is still as nurturing as ever. I still look to her for advice and to that Love only a Momma can give. It is overwhelming for me to think that one day, I will have to try and be the Mom to my kids that she was to the 3 of us.
She never missed a sporting event, and we had LOTS. Between my sisters and me, we were playing some kind of sport year round. I just don't know how she was always there? But I do know this, I am so blessed with such wonderful parents, and I can't thank them enough for all they do!
 Happy Birthday Mom!
Bridesmaid Luncheon

day of our wedding

roll tide!

zip lining in Costa Rica!
Rehearsal Dinner

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