You may recieve extra hardware with your unit.

Now that we are in Birmingham and Taylor has his office, I thought I would help out by putting together his new desk. Because I am an Interior design major, I was pretty particular about the type of desk he was to order. Little did I know, the desk I wanted him to have came with about a million parts....
still in the box
I decided to tackle this project Friday morning. I figured I would work on the desk until about 12:30 and then once I had it fully assembled I would go grocery shopping. Welp, I was wrong about that one.
5 HOURS later I was putting the last screw in. I go to slide the drawers in and you guessed it, they don't fit right. So for the next hour and a half Taylor and I try to figure out what in the world is wrong with this stupid desk. We finally get the drawers working as a team and then place all of his work stuff on the desk. That boy can get a computer up and running super fast.
I thought I would share with you my recent feat..sort of.

just a little intimidating

ignore my fabulous hair

almost done!!
the completed project


still a Texan at heart

lots of books

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