you can just call me crazy.

Taylor's company is sponsoring employees to do "the toughest event on the planet". It's called Tough Mudder. Why? Because when you finish the "obstacle course" you are covered in mud and might as well burn your clothes instead of trying to wash them clean. Taylor and I are both attempting this event, along with his dad and 2 other friends.We have approximately 37days 22hours and 46minutes to get ready for this insane challenge. The event consists of 19 different obstacles over the course of 9 miles. At one point I will run through fire, sprint through a field of live wires with 10,000 volts of shock. Sounds fun, right? The whole event is about teamwork. There is no 1st place prize. The goal is to try and  finish. That right there says it's tough! I'm not really sure what I have gotten myself into, but I know I need to start training or I won't make it the first 10 minutes!

great teamwork!

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