Best Bday Yet

love love love
      24 is kinda of a blah birthday. But, Taylor made this not so special birthday extra special. Maybe it's the whole being married thing-it just makes everything better? Taylor really did go out of his way this time. He had a cake a roses waiting on me when I got home from work. I can't tell you how excited I was to see cake. We haven't seen starches in over 2 weeks, so needless to say, I destroyed it.
      After the cake was demolished, Taylor had us reservations at Veranda in Homewood. There, I continued to break my diet and had the most wonderful shrimp and grits. Dram was our next stop in Mountain Brook Village, where Taylor and I were going to have a drink or 2 and then head home. So I thought; until a loud snort in my ear occurred. You heard right, a snort. Only Beth would do that. She and Adrienne showed up to my surprise, followed by 15 other of our friends. BEST Birthday yet. I really was so surprised. At first I was confused about what everyone was doing there, and how they all knew it was my birthday, and then I was worried that Lola was in her kennel for too long. Adrienne saved the day on that one!
     Saturday, my actual Birthday, was handled by my Mom and Dad with more cheating on our diet and some great fam time. I really am so blessed to have such great friends and a wonderful family!
can't really tell, but this would be Taylor Hicks

And here are my pillows!

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