Pillow Fix

Conservative. That is what I've been trying to be with our money since we got married. That is, until I discovered the fabric that has been searching for me. That's right, searching..for me. So, on impulse I decided to have these 4 pillows made and kinda sorta informed Taylor of my decision. Pillows don't sound like I big deal, huh? Welp, for me-it's huge. I have invested nearly nothing to our home. All of our decor is either a gift, a find from a consignment or estate sale, or something we inherited. So, I figure I was going to start small. Four 22" square pillows seems small enough right? Baby Steps. These pillows are "Lola, NO!" pillows. I know, I am making a really big deal about this, but I am just so excited because the pillows currently on our sofa are not doing the trick. Wanna see the fabric?!

chevron patterns are making a comeback!

 The softness of this paisley is a great compliment
to the above fabric!

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